About us

Sustainable and efficient city logistics

That's what drives us

We help to make the transport of goods within cities easier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

By using state-of-the-art software, the latest innovations in vehicle design and long-term partnerships, we ensure that companies can transport goods quickly and cheaply while relieving the burden on cities, the environment and traffic.

This is what we stand for

Local commitment
We are in close contact with the cities, municipalities and partners in order to improve the logistics in cities sustainably.
Fast delivery
We strive to meet challenges in the right and quickest way and are not satisfied with less.
Drive change
We promote and drive innovation in all areas of our work. We constantly learn and improve ourselves, whether through mistakes or successes.

The Team

Florian Blaschke


Carsten Leverenz

Team Lead

Basile Eberhardt

Partner Manager

Denny Domröse


Our history

October 2018

MovingaNow launches as new digital furniture taxi from Movinga.

March 2019

The MovingaNow apps will be rolled out in Berlin and have over 10,000 downloads within the first week.

October 2019

After the first 12 months in Berlin we have already carried out more than 1000 transports and were able to establish the first partnerships with companies such as Lyght Living and Lendis.