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General questions

What is MovingaNow?

Movinga Now is an on demand app for inner-city item transportation.

How does MovingaNow work?

MovingaNow is very easy to use. Download the app to your mobile phone and register. Then select the vehicle size and the number of helpers. You can also only choose one driver, but in this case he won't help your carry your items. Choose the amount of hours you need the team for (1, 2, or 4) and the best day and time suitable for you. Don't forget to take in consideration the time to go down and up the stairs, to load and unload the truck and the distance between the pickup and delivery point. After booking, we will find the most suitable helper for your needs.

How much does the MovingaNow service cost?

Our prices start at 29 € and depend on your chosen service (with helpers, only one driver, car size, duration).

In which cities does Movinga Now operate?

MovingaNow is currently available in Berlin. More cities will follow soon.

At what times can the service be booked?

You can book MovingaNow at any time of the day via our MovingaNow App. Depending on the available capacity, our service can be booked between 08:00 and 22:00 hours.

How can I contact MovingaNow customer service?

You can reach us through the chat on our website or write an email to: service@movinganow.com

What is the difference between helper and driver?

What does the driver do?
-  Drive the truck
- Loading and unloading on the street (curbside)
- Securing the load in the van

What does the helper do?
- Everything the driver can
- Carry items from the apartment or pick-up address to the vehicle
- Carry items from the vehicle to your apartment

At what times can the service be booked?

You can book MovingaNow at any time of the day via our MovingaNow App. Depending on the available capacity, our service can be booked between 08:00 and 22:00 hours.

Will I be informed when my van arrives?

You'll receive notifications on your phone and emails about the status of your order. You can also track the location of your team live via the app.

Can I contact my helper?

As soon as your order has been accepted, you can contact your helpers by phone or SMS via the app.

When does my order duration start?

Your order duration starts as soon as or helper arrives at your place. You will get notified of the exact location via our app.

Are my items insured during transport?

Your transport is insured with 620 € per cubic meter at the current value.

Booking and transport

How fast can I book?

The booking process is simple and convenient and can be done within minutes.

Can several pickups be made with one order?

If you would like your helpers to drive to multiple addresses, contact them by phone or SMS after you have made the booking in the app and discuss the different stops with them.

How many items can be transported?

The number of items is limited only by the size of the vehicle and the hours booked. To make planning easier for us, it is helpful if you upload photos of your items to be transported.

Can I change the time and place after booking?

This is currently not possible. Please cancel your first order and book again. There are no costs if no helper has accepted your order. If a helper has already accepted your order, you are welcome to contact us and we will try to move your order free of charge if we find a new helper for you.

How are the vans equipped?

Our vehicles are equipped with all necessary transport and packaging materials.

Do Helpers wrap or pack my items?

Some of them also offer packing materials for additional costs. Please, contact them through our chat regarding the topic and take in consideration the packing time should be applied to the total service time. Nevertheless, we recommend all customers pack their items before the service.

Does MovingaNow also offer disassembly and reassembly services?

You can arrange this service with your assigned helpers by phone or SMS. Please be sure to allow enough time for this when making your booking.

Will the Helpers bring my items inside the apartment?

Yes, of course! The helpers will pickup and drop off your items right where you want them placed - stairs or not - within the time booked! Exception: If you do not book helpers, the driver will only load and unload your items from the sidewalk onto the vehicle.

Do I need a no parking zone permit?

We recommend you have a no parking zone if loading or unloading takes more than 1 hour. If it is a fast pickup, there is no need for one.

What if an item doesn't fit into my home?

If any item can not be delivered, because it does not fit through the door, hallways, doorways or other spaces, your helper is allowed to leave it outside your apartment or return it to the pickup location if you prefer. This might lead to additional cost. We highly recommend you to take the appropriate measurements of all spaces in the pickup and delivery locations and of your items before booking the service.

Payment and cancellation

When do I have to pay?

Once the order has been completed and confirmed by your signature, the amount will be deducted from your credit card. When you book your order we only pre-capture the money on your credit card but do not capture the money.

What are the available payment options?

The payment is made by credit card through Stripe payment platform.

How can I delete my credit card details?

You can have your credit card information deleted at any time by requesting a deletion of the information via service@movinganow.com.

My credit card was not accepted? What can I do?

If your credit card does not get accepted please re-verify the entered data during the payment process. If your card is still not accepted, please contact us through the chat, call us on (030) 56 83 77 76 or via Whatsapp +4915735991133

Is the payment secure?

Payment is made via the Stripe online payment service. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 service provider and meets the highest security requirements in the industry.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order for free at anytime as long as no helper has been assigned to your move, by logging into your account and clicking on cancel move.

Do I have to pay if I cancel the order?

If your order was already assigned to one of our helpers, you might be charged with a cancellation fee of 30% of the total cost. If a helper has not been assigned yet, your cancellation will be free of charge. Before you want to cancel when we have team assigned contact us please to find the best solution for you.